How to live a digitally better life in 2022

Bad habits are not something you want to bring into the new year. Get rid of them so you can move into 2022 with confidence and success. You can do this by improving your digital life.

There are several ways you can accomplish this task. Clearing out the cache on your phone and computer can be done. You can also clean up your devices to make them shine. Click or tap here to access five tech cleaning tips for your network, gadgets, and inbox.

These are good strategies. However, not all changes require a plan. There are a few things you can do to improve your digital life, such as upgrading to more efficient chargers or using helpful apps to avoid traffic tickets. These are some easy, effective ways to get the most from tech throughout the year.

1. Assess your screen time

Too much time spent on your phone can cause damage to your eyes and worsen your health. One 2017 study showed that people who spend more than six hours in front of their phones are at greater risk for depression. This is why it’s important to limit the amount of screen time you spend each day.

This can be done by checking your screen time analytics. Your smartphone tracks how long you spend staring at the screen and which apps consume the most of that time. These resources can be found here.

It displays a graph of all your activity from your daily average time on your phone to the most used apps. You can even see how often you have picked up your phone. It even lets you set time limits and schedule your screen time.

Many apps are built to help you disconnect from your phone. You can turn off work apps with Work Profile, bedtime allows you to unwind, and focus mode eliminates the constant notifications that keep you glued to your phone all day.

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2. You can unsubscribe from services that you don’t use anymore

Reduce the number of services that you don’t use to make more money. Check out your budgeting app to see what you are paying for. Click or tap here to access seven amazing apps that will help you keep track of your finances.

You can look through your bank records and note any subscription payments that you have made in the past month. There are two options: you can use a spreadsheet printed out or insert the data using Microsoft PowerPoint.

A specialized budgeting spreadsheet is recommended for such cases. It’s important to have a clear view of your finances in order to reduce expenses. We found a few online financial templates that are free to download. Click here or tap to get 10 free spreadsheet templates to help you manage your finances.

3. Upgrade to a wireless charging adapter

You’ve probably looked at the cables in your home and felt guilty. Wireless makes your life simpler and clears away clutter.

Charging pads can be a great way to say goodbye to your cables. You can simply set your devices aside and forget them.

You can, for example, place your phone on a charging mat overnight. Your phone will be fully charged once the birds start singing.

. This iOS loophole can be used to save money on services other than iOS

You’re likely to lose money if you use many paid apps. iOS users have an opportunity to take advantage of an Apple feature called the subscription system. All it comes down to is that all listings on the App Store must include all in-app purchases.

Developers won’t always update subscription tiers when prices change. Sometimes they will just create new ones. This gives you the chance to choose a lower subscription level than the one that the app initially shows you when it downloads. You should be aware that not all developers offer additional tiers.

It’s still worth checking out any subscription app to see if you can save money. To find cheaper monthly subscriptions, go to the App Store and scroll down to Information. Then select In-App Purchases to check if there are any cheaper options. It only works with apps that you have already subscribed to.

These steps will help you lower your monthly iOS app costs if you find cheaper alternatives.

Go to Settings.

Choose your name.

Subscribe to Hit

Check out the app that you are paying for. This will open up many payment options.

Click it to confirm the change.

5. Google Maps helps you avoid tickets

Hidden features on your navigation map can help slow you down so that authorities don’t pull over you. This feature is called a Speed trap and it sounds like an audible alarm when there are speed traps approaching.

To activate it, click on the profile icon at the upper right corner of the app.

Then, tap Settings.

Tap Navigation from there.

Finally, ensure that the toggle for Show speed limits turned on is on.

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