The Top 10 Fashion Tips From Stylish Women

Between the demands of family, work, and juggling the time to be ourselves, going out in fashion every day is impossible. But it’s actually not! Our team asked some of the most fashionable women we’ve ever met (our stylists) which secrets they have to unlock a new level of style.


“You cannot plan for everything however do not let your mornings catch you off guard. Similar to how you make a list of a week’s worth of food on Sundays, if you’re trying to reduce time, give planning your outfit an attempt to prepare for stress-free mornings as well as outfit-regret-free days.” stylist, Amber F.


“Find fashionable women to follow, whether it’s your favorite Instagram fashionista or your best friend’s sister’s cousin. Find fashionable women whose style inspires you, and make use of their images as a source of inspiration for your outfits (see the first tip). Are you unsure where to begin? Take a look at the Instagram or Pinterest boards to get endless ideas from our stylish ladies.” stylist, Jennifer M.

3. In case of doubt, (OVER)DRESS

“If you’re ever in doubt about what you should dress, think about the destination you’re going to and the people you’ll be meeting. If you’re unsure, go to the side of having a more elegant look. If you’re concerned about appearing overdone, wear an unassuming layer like a cargo jacket or jeans to give your outfit that easy chic edge.” Stylist, Angela G.

4. Take a step out of your comfortable zone

“It is never a bad idea to try something different. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new color that is different from your typical neutral color palette or changing between skinny and more masculine cut The best style comes by experimenting with new trends. You never know what fashions you’ll find you like!” –Stylist, Jennifer M.


“Try wearing at the very least one accessory, be it the most striking necklace, a bright bag, or a stunning set of earrings (or any of them). A well-chosen statement piece will transform your outfit from boring to striking within a matter of seconds.” stylist, Stephania S.

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“A stylist’s secret weapon is the capsule wardrobe. A wardrobe full of clothes that can be mixed and matched effortlessly will take the stress out of your day. Make sure you invest in timeless pieces that will last for years such as a good piece of clothing, an easy LBD as well as timeless jewelry.” Stylist, Stephania S.


“When you think of footwear the combination of color, print and fashion can provide a massive visual impact. They don’t need to be awe-inspiring heels either (flats can also make the same impact which will make your feet be grateful for it). Even if you’re wearing a look that’s informal adding a printed flat or a pop of color wedge will make it seem more deliberate.” stylist, Jennifer M.


“Every once in a while you’ll require that “wow” quality. If it’s a gorgeous pair of boots that go over the knee or a vintage gown you took from mom’s wardrobe, or an impressive handbag, you should have an item in your closet for those occasions when you have to look stylish.” stylist, Chelsea T.

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9. Learn about your body’s shape

“The golden rule for stylish women? Fit first. That’s why knowing your body’s shape is essential. Think of yourself as a small pear shape, and like to emphasize your shoulders. Make your wardrobe a collection of clothes that shine on your figure and your favorite attributes.” Stylist, Crista G.

10. Age is just a number.

“When you’re looking to try an exciting new style or wearing something that grabs your attention, don’t let the age limit stop you from experimenting with something fresh. Are you 62 and want to wear some boyfriend jeans? Do it! Are you 22 and looking to change to a more business-focused, buttoned-up closet? Put it on!” –Stylist, Megan S.

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